09 December 2007

another good weekend!

Friday night we met some friends and went to the Nativity Trail Ride again. I tried to snap a few shots on the ride, but they didn't turn out. At least I got one of the guys at the refreshment tent! We had a great time! The church that puts this on does it all by donation. There was a large crowd, we had to wait 45 minutes to get on a wagon, but it was worth it. King Herod pointed at Wilson and you wouldn't believe how BIG his eyes were! And Walker was thrilled by the animals...it was chilly again, but not too bad.

We (finally) finished decorating the Christmas tree Saturday morning. Wilson had fun looking at all the ornaments, and asking questions about most of them! Brad and I were surprised how "heavy" the ornaments seem when you hang them on a real tree.

Here is our star-spangled wreath. I might add a few stars here and there eventually, I am also missing an ornament that I intended to add to it...I'm sure it will turn up the day we put everything away! (No, I did not make the Fort Sill ornament).

Last night we had a comedian come to our church, which turned out to be a fun time (you never know). Brad headed out this morning for San Antonio (Fort Sam Houston) for training. The children's musical is tonight at church. Brad is disappointed to miss Wil's debut, but hopefully some friends will videotape it. We have an impending ice storm in the forecast, I am hoping it holds off until late tonight or tomorrow because Wilson will be crushed to miss his musical. Brad had me buy some salt this morning so I can keep the sidewalks clear... (He and the other medics are well in front of the storm and should make it to San Antonio without any problems.) We appreciate your prayers (always) but especially when Brad is gone. Even though we've done it before its just not the same around here without Daddy...and what a shame it would be if it were...
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  1. the tree looks great! I enlarged the picture and it was sweet to see Brads ornaments that used to hang on our tree! I love the wreath! You are so creative! Weekends go by way too fast. . . now its time to make your Christmas pj's! Good luck!

  2. The chocolate is from See's Candy Store at the Twelve Oaks mall in Novi.

  3. That is such a neat idea! I love that wreath! Gotta love those red, white, and blue colors!