26 December 2007

bedtime and the day after...

...doesn't their room look perfect with the matching quilts???Wilson on his new quilt, in his new jammies, with Barney Stormin' (airplane from Cars).
Walker just being a cutie, in spite of his fever...
A quick spin with Walker before Brad headed to work this morning...
and Wilson going for a spin, exhibiting some road rage it seems!


  1. They look like they survived Christmas and it looks as though Daddy made it through too, the sheets are GREAT!

  2. I meant to say the Quilts are GREAT! Grandma did a wonderful job. Wilson has modeling skills with that pose in the pj's, and the coasters look like they would be a blast, but you may need to set up a roadway and give tickets for the road rage!

  3. Did you and Brad get yourselves coasters?? The road rage look on Wilson's face is hysterical! Love Meme