09 December 2007

Children's Musical

This pic is right before they start singing... I already described to Brad what Wilson is doing... When they got on stage I mouthed to Wilson "pull your sweater down." Apparently he is no better at reading lips than I am so he thought it was a big game. He then started mouthing and gesturing...initially while the pastor was welcoming everyone...this received some chuckles so Wilson continued the gestures and mouthing until the song began! I couldn't stop laughing long enough to give him a stern look, I am hoping our friends got it on video because this pic barely captures the tip of the iceberg! I didn't realize he was such a ham!
A couple of shots of the little singers. I did take some video with our camera but I don't know how to "render" it or anything, so maybe Brad can when he gets back...at least he can watch it! They sang "C'mon Ring Those Bells," and "Happy Birthday, Jesus".

By the way, Brad made it safely to Fort Sam. His room is huge and in a very old building...1889-ish. He even has a fireplace in his room...nonworking of course. We have ice on our grass and icicles hanging off everything...the roads were still fine at 8:15pm.
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  1. btw, Brad, I know you don't read comments, but just in case, I thought I should let you know...the tree stand DOES leak, I guess that's why there is a "fill" line. OOPS! Good thing I didn't put the skirt back down yet!

  2. Oh my goodness, how adorable! I wish I could have been there. Love Meme

  3. just love those Christmas programs! So glad you were able to video it for Brad. We are excited for Brennan,Jacqueline's and Colsons this coming Sunday.

  4. I wish I could have been in the audience to get the pictures of you trying to get Wilson to settle down! What a riot!