30 December 2007

Coaster Cars


Santa brought the boys Coaster Cars, you can check them out here if you are interested in them. They love them! Brad and I have had fun too, but have to take a break as we have pulled a few **ahem** groin muscles. Walker loves to have a passenger, but is getting better and better at making it go himself! We even tried them outside today for a bit. We would've never thought of them, and certainly wouldn't have bought two. That Santa sure knows his stuff! (For the really curious, my mom bought them, but don't tell Wilson)

**On another note...do you like the piggies and pinwheels??? I thought we might need to add a little patriotism to the blog as we prepare for the deployment!


  1. Amanda, thanks for the idea of the coasters for Brad and your's birthday! Love Meme

  2. ha ha ha...good one Sandy! I want a red one, and Brad wants blue =)

  3. I am so glad that the cars are a hit! It's great when you can read the reviews first and have a pretty good idea that things will work out! Amanda how did you do the picture on the blog is that the website you were talking about or is it somewhere in the blog world?

  4. I want to come to OK just to ride those scooters! :)