19 December 2007

done, baby, done

WOO HOO! The PJ pants are done! I only sewed one waistband closed and three pant legs...thankfully, I recognized my errors fairly quickly...what a shame it would've been if I hadn't noticed until Christmas eve...and I have a good seam reaper. I washed them this morning, and none of them fell apart. I know 3 out of 4 fit, too. So, we'll post some pics later. I also sewed two Warmee's (you know the rice bags) and I got Walker's stocking done too. Now its time to get the office back in order....

In other news, Wilson has hand-foot-mouth disease. Poor kid. Anyone have experience with this one? I guess its fairly harmless and will pass. We will be lysol-ing Little People Land as well as Radiator Springs this afternoon... We'll make a game of it perhaps..."Light showers for most of the afternoon, with a touch of acid rain..."

And finally, I meant to put a brief post about this the other night but didn't. There is a reality show on NBC this week called, "Clash of the Choirs." There are 5 musicians that have created choirs from their hometowns competing for $250,000 for a local charity. Blake Shelton put together a choir from Oklahoma City...but technically, I guess its from all over Oklahoma. There are two Fort Sill soldiers in his choir. One of them deployed with Brad to Afghanistan and his wife is in my Bible study small group. It has been fun to watch. I thought for sure they would've been voted out after the first night (they did not do well at all), but they made it through. If you get a chance, check it out tonight and keep an eye out for Capt. Saul.


  1. Oh my gosh! No way! Dave and I were watching that last night. It was great! They did a dedication to the troops and everything. I wondered if Brad knew them!

  2. And, good job on the pj's! You're becoming one good seamstress!

  3. Okay, I'm passing on information from the "lerker", she says that Cal had it and he was like a "limp rag" and just laying on the couch for a few days, pretty miserable...she also says she would like to order ten warmees and please overnight them to her!

    Personally, I am just glad you accomplished what you set out to do without too many 'real' problems!

  4. we have had the hfm disease many times. It just has to run its course but it can make a kid miserable for a few days! Way to go on the pj's! Never heard of the program you mentioned, but I don't really watch much tv anymore either, I will have to check it out and see when its on here!