25 December 2007

a glimpse of Christmas morning...

...the stockings were stuffed......the santa gifts ready...
...the PJ pants on...although a bit shrunk...
Time to dig in!
Keep diggin'!
I did not know what to expect of a Christmas like this. How would we ever teach our kids that "its not about the gifts" when all the people that sent gifts were so very far away? I think we came up with a good solution and we had a wonderful day. We found pictures of everyone that sent gifts and put them in a bowl. Throughout the day, Wilson would choose a picture from the bowl and we would open those gifts at that time. Of course, there were a couple grouches by the time it was all over, for some reason, nap time didn't quite work out today! Thankfully they are tucked in; in new Cars jammies, new Cars sheets (for Walker), and new Cars quilts--handmade by Great Grandma Kruizenga! We plan to put a slideshow together of pictures from throughout the day. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas day!


  1. Its not about all the gifts, but you have to know that you are loved by the outpouring of gifts! Cute morning pictures, love the pj pants.....

  2. thanks for taking the time and sharing with us We missed you this morning, even though we know you were filled with your own family and know God's blessing. It will always create a sense of emptiness without your families presence. I love your idea about the cards and the gifts give all a hug for us

  3. The pj's still looked good even if a bit shrunk! You know we missed you in our bunch, when I get out of work tomorrow I will work at getting some pics up! Love and kisses to all we missed you at our dinner too, the cheesy potatoes and chicken was great!