12 December 2007

pour some sugar on me...

I know, the title is cliche, right?

Last night Alivia and Wilson helped frost our sugar cookies. Wow...that was an experience. Two four-year-olds, one 18 month old, and one adult are a dangerous combination...especially after you factor in the sticky, sugary mess called frosting (or icing? what's the difference?)
They had fun adding sprinkles too, although, in a few cases there were more sprinkles than cookie!
Notice the cookie bandit in the bottom of this picture. He'd try to get his little, sticky fingers on the waxed paper and give it a tug. His eyes are saying, "I WANT COOKIE" (Of course, in Cookie Monster's voice) The funny thing is, he didn't want the cookie, he just wanted to lick the frosting off...
Debbie, I do not know how you did all those years of cookie frosting with Rene and I after Thanksgiving, but I now understand a little of your impatience as the day ran on...we only frosted about two dozen cookies last night, and I was tired out!


  1. It definately looks like alot of fun was had by the kids, how about Muskoka? I don't see her furry little head anywhere!

  2. I was reminiscing when I saw those pictures. Wish I was there to help! It's just not the same frosting cookies anymore!