12 December 2007

reindeer games...

they made antlers after storytime at the library today. I tried REALLY hard to get a picture with both of them wearing theirs... Walker had other ideas! antlers mid-flight
almost got it here...
big brother is snacking on Smarties while modeling and little brother wants in on it (these two are candy addicts and I can't for the life of me figure out where they get it from....hmmm...)
finally two subjects wearing antlers, unfortunately it turned out blurry, if you squint it looks pretty good... she was no more happy about the reindeer games than Walker!


  1. I love them! Wish I could have been there to catch the whole thing first hand!

  2. TOoooooooooooooooooo cute, love the play by play
    aunt rene

  3. from the "lurker" If antlers were put on my dog, he would eat them! But our first golden (who would be 24 now) let my kids dress him up in anything!Your mom says hi!