11 January 2008


Walker had to grab his blanket...

apparently, Muskoka spied something she needed to check out...

and finally, a fairly decent shot of the boys with their dog on their bunk beds. Yes, Walker climbs the ladder, Yes, he has made it to the top (more than once), Yes, he has fallen...the THUD...silence...crying/screaming kind. And Yes, even after that he has tried to climb again. But, for the most part, I think we have a handle on it now. Its nice because they finally have some floor space to play in their room. Wilson now refers to it as "The Play Bedroom". (He likes naming rooms, the storm shelter became "the reading room" when we put all the books in there. Next it became "his office" when we moved his desk in, so its only natural that the bedroom gets an updated name too).
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  1. Hooray for bunkbeds!!! I can't tell from the picture, but can you easily remove/replace the ladder? If Puckey is going to be in Bug & Nan's room, I have them take the ladder off of their bunkbed so that she can't try to climb it.

    On second thought, from what I've read about Walker, he'd just stack up toys until he could reach the top bunk...better just leave the ladder in place!!!

  2. They look great, and it looks like Wilson really likes them. Nice to have a little floor room again so Wil can set up Radiator Springs and really get some Lightning McQueen stunts going. Walker is just good at making your heart stop isn't he...I'm sure nothing will slow him down much!

  3. The bunkbeds look great, even if they are a hazard to Walker. I can't believe how tall Wilson is getting. Love Meme

  4. Okay, the boys are adorable, the dog equally adorable, so when you put the two together in a bunkbed it's just too cute for words.