21 January 2008

a couple random Kodak moments...

...before we take dad back to the airport AGAIN. I think he liked the extra day (his flight was cancelled yesterday because of weather in Dallas), but he's a little worried about getting another extra day today!
dad and Brad played dress-up when Brad brought his gear home from the field Friday
the top of Mt. Scott at the Wildlife Refuge...Wilson is still unsure about walking around up there Walker helping Daddy unpack (yeah, they bring their own) while wearing Curry's old BDU hat
Wil playing in the sand box(next to it, rather)
Here is a shot of "Gavin's mom and dad" better known as Aaron and Nicole - our neighbors. Keep them in your prayers, Aaron left this a.m. for Iraq. Nicole and Gavin are coming for dinner tonight and then headed to Texas for a few weeks to visit family.

I'll put some more pics up later today...if Dad leaves =)


  1. great Kodak moments! So nice the kids can play outside in January with a sweatshirt on! Just seems so weird to us when we are bundle up in winter wear! Will definitely be praying for your friend, Aaron as he is now entering the combat zone. How long is he there?

  2. Grandpa Carl looked very "soldier" like...he isn't interested in getting into the service is he? Walker looks ready to get into the action too! I know you and the boys will help Nicole while Aaron is gone, thank her for me for sharing he husband with all of us and making our world safer! Not sure if I hope your Dad got a flight out today or not...you all have been having such a good time!