31 January 2008

grandpa & grandma g come to Lawton

Grandpa & Grandma G "snuck in" yesterday just after noon. They came in the back door and Muskoka held them at bay until I came in to let her know they were alright! (At least we know she'll be a good guard dog!) Wilson had been waiting for them since 7:45 am, so he was more than ready to see them. Walker took a few minutes to adjust and then he was busy passing out snuggles too!
Walker wearing Grandpa G's shoes
Brad greeting grandpa after work!


  1. It must be so nice to be able to have family come to visit before Brad has to leave!

  2. Oh my gosh, I have a picture of Nathan at about the same age as Walker wearing a pair of my Grandpa's shoes. It's one of my favorite pictures. Everytime we went to Grandpa's, Nathan would put his shoes on. Love Sandy

  3. I am sooo glad they got there safe and sound and I love seeing the boys "including Brad" hug on the grandparents! I know it means a lot to have them come and stay...tell them to get some good pics for me too!

  4. You got yourselves quite a watchdog! Glad they made it safe and sound and you are enjoying having family there. Don't forget the "kodak moments"