21 January 2008

I've been tagged...

I think the last time I was tagged was like 4th grade, so why not??? Ok, I know the majority of you that read this are my family and/or newly blogging friends, but for the sake of Heidi, and a fun time I thought I would participate quickly tonight... So, this is what I have to do...
  1. Post the rules and link to the person that tagged me, which is Heidi from Soapaholics Anonymous. (Heidi and her husband, Tim, are old friends of Brad's from the Pilgrimage days and I now claim them as my friends as well).
  2. Share five random/weird things about myself.
  3. Share five places that I "want to see or want to see again."
  4. Tag five random people and link to them...and let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Five Random/Weird Things about me...

  1. When I wiggle my toes, the big ones crack/pop...while strangely calming to me, I have found this to irritate everyone else that I know. (except Walker who is slightly intrigued).
  2. I often yell at the TV when watching political news coverage...just this evening I yelled at Harry Reid...I mean seriously how hard would it be to come up with a solution rather than pouting and pointing fingers????
  3. I am not a good swimmer...might not be able to save my own life...especially in the ocean. I think drowning would be a terrible "way to go." Although recently a show about avalanches made me think being smothered by fast-moving snow might be worse...
  4. I love, love, LOVE cream-filled donuts, especially with chocolate icing.
  5. I can't come up with a fifth thing because I am so mainstream, run-of-the-mill, average Joe, etc, etc

Five places...I want to see or see again...

disclaimer...this is SUPER hard because I like everywhere that I've been...

  1. I would love to go anywhere in Africa with my husband. A portion of me is praying that Brad will fall for the 'dark continent' during his deployment and we will be stationed there one day... that is up to God (and I think these thoughts give Brad the heebie-jeebies).
  2. Colorado...Brad speaks very highly...as does the rest of the tribe
  3. Southern California...would love to experience it again with Brad and the boys
  4. The New England states...they seem interesting
  5. Flushing, I will always want to/hope to see Flushing again, as I imagine we will always have family there

Five tagged friends... except I am cheating and making it only 3 because as I said, my blog is mostly for family and new blogger friends...

  1. Julie...most likely to participate
  2. Rene...most likely to roll her eyes
  3. Joanne...check out her blog...she's a missionary from the Gambia, be careful you might fall for it too!

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