15 January 2008

quick prayer request...

***THANK YOU*** Brad is home this evening (tuesday). =) The boys are in bed, Brad's in the shower and Muskoka is a happy pup. We appreciate your prayers...as always!

...and a praise too!

Last night around dinner time Brad called and said he didn't know when he would be home because some expensive equipment is missing...he said maybe as late as 8 or 9pm. My first thought was, "this is no surprise to God." Which is the praise because He is obviously working mightily in the way I think about my circumstances. So, the boys and I had a wonderful evening. Brad called again before bedtime and thought he would either have tomorrow off or be home around midnight...because if you work after midnight you get the next day off. I joked that he would be released at 11:59.

He's still not home.

He did bring the car home around 10 pm and got his meds. He said its pretty serious and the last time this happened the people were on lockdown for two weeks (he wasn't here then.) Granted the military is full of rumors and who knows how long this will last. I do know that Brad intended to video the bedtime stories for the boys this week...the camera is on the tripod facing the chair as I type! Its really our last "normal" week before the deployment. Next week Brad will be in the field mon-fri (so I imagine he wouldn't be on lockdown longer than Sun) then my Dad is coming Tues -Sat, then Brad's grandparents are coming; then my mom, Rene and Jack (!!) are coming...then starts block leave. And while block leave will be nice and relaxing and all of that, I was really planning on recording the normal parts of this week in my mind.

Anyway, all of this to say. Pray for both of our attitudes during this.... God is in control. He is not surprised. He knew all about this. Especially pray for Brad. I can only imagine what's happening behind the scenes there...

Oh, and if you haven't yet, don't forget to vote in my unscientific poll...remember the rules, you are voting based on the slideshow pictures =) It will brighten my day!!


  1. It is truely amazing how God has his hand on all of our lives AT ALL TIMES. Hope Brad gets some sleep sometime today to make up for all the time he is spending at work. When sleep is hard to come by the body is more vulnerable to all those rotten germs out there. We are prying here.

  2. Of course you all are in our prayers here! It's great to hear how you are letting God work more and more in your life - and it's an encouragement for others who sometimes feel the need to take the wheel...

  3. We'll be praying both your attitudes and the strength of your family during this tough time. Miss and love you guys!

  4. Amanda I appreciate your transparency as God works in your heart and mind. I recognize the process and can see His Grace in all of your lives. I so hope n pray He truly makes it not just apparent to you but the reality of His love and blessings flow in you, your lives and circumstances. In all your strength know we pray that months we be like days and weeks like minutes, filled with awesome blessings for all of you. It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around the emotions you all battle. I am so Glad God gets what I do not and is touched with our hearts ....We love you and will as best we can knowing it will not be enough, walk with you guys in these days at least in Spirit. As always feeling cheated in proximity we long to some day be able to hug you all and again put the sound and feel of love with the words and pictures we share
    Brad You are quite a man and I am proud of you ... and your family. Not for the uniform you wear or even the hard choices you are living with but for the work of God in the middle of it all so obvious in you and yours. Kids, Thanks for your sacrifice as a fellow country man ...Thanks more for your walk with God in the midst of it ...Love Dad