21 January 2008

some of Dad's/Grandpa Carl's pics

I know some of these are similar to the other pics, but thought you'd like them anyway...

this one is taken by dad, I love this one!
I asked Wil if he thought we should start calling dad, "Grandfather Carl" instead of Grandpa Carl...he didn't like that idea one bit...
Hoping Brad gets out of the field early tomorrow...yes Rene, Dad will see Brad. There is no stipulation though...well except for changing the struts and brakes on Saturday...you got off easy with the cheesecake, huh? (Sandy, I am totally kidding about Dad changing the struts and brakes)


  1. Amanda, I'm not sure which camera took all of the pictures, but make sure Carl gets cc's of all the pictures on a CD. Love all of them! Sandy

  2. Love the cheesy smile of Walkers at your dad! At first I thought the background with Wilson on the saddle was real! What a great shot!

  3. Great pics....thanks for the compliments on the shoes/burp cloths...An idea for the boys would be white shoes and you could sew some "Cars" themed buttons on them. They sell just about every other kind of button out there, I'm sure you could find some. Just an idea.
    BTW, I haven't forgotten that you "tagged" me - I'll probably get to do that post tomorrow. :)