16 February 2008


Muskoka 'pushing' Wilson on the swing set... so handsome
chillin' in the sand box/hot tub
awww...brotherly love
three giggling boys and their Yaya
showing off their Levi's

It was a beautiful Valentine's day. I think the high was around 78! Wow! It was nice for the boys to get out and play in their matching "future heartbreakers" t-shirts from Yaya.


  1. I just love the pix of them standing at the fence. That one is absolutely adorable. Cute oufits by the way.....

  2. Oh I just can't get over how HUGE that dog is. Never would have thought her to be that big.

  3. I love the outfits! The candid photos are the best! Muskoka is a bear!

  4. Are you kidding me? That picture with Muskoka pushing the swing is hilarious! :)

    The boys are pretty cute themselves, especially brotherly love, so precious.

  5. WHAT GREAT PICTURES!!! I hope you frame some of those! Beautiful! Miss you guys! Jenn