31 March 2008

the ants are coming, the ants are coming...

well, actually they are already here!
It was finally warm enough for Uncle Milton's to mail his ants!yes, the label says, "ANTS CAN BITE." no pressure...
I finally figured out how to make the transfer with the lowest probability of escapees. We did have one casualty during transfer, but he totally made a break for it and freaked us all out a bit!
Checkin' em out...
I think he's really gonna LOVE this!
(Now, if you don't mind praying that Walker doesn't dump this thing in my bedroom...I'd truly appreciate it!)

Thanks to Mom & Dad Lutz for this one...like I said, I don't know if this makes me a nominee for Best Mom, Best Wife or Best Daughter-in-Law, I figure I should be good for one of them now! While they were a bit creepy to begin with, I think I won't mind watching them either ...as long as they stay contained!

Ant Farms are exciting...but...nothing tops this...
That's right! After Brad read Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado last night (on the bedtime video) he mentioned the importance of knowing Jesus and Wilson turned to me and said, "Mom when are you going to help me ask Jesus into my heart?" We've talked about this often with Wilson, he is so inquisitive. On Easter, he told me that he was probably going to ask Jesus into his heart *the day after tomorrow*. Anyway, last night after some questions we prayed together. And then the angels started rejoicing!
"In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10


  1. That kid just touches my heart so. . . .I was telling Colson and Jacqueline and Colson said, now he's not just my nephew but my brother-in-Christ. We are rejoicing right along with the angels!

  2. Oh! I love the look of mischeviousness in Walkers eyes! I hope one morning you don't find him on the floor with ants crawling all over him. . . .

  3. I've got the date on the calendar Amanda...it's a great feeling to be a Mom and a disciple....Oh, I meant the inviting Jesus in, not the ant farm, although the ants are nice!

    In a world that "couldn't care less"
    We are to be people who couldn't care more.

    Love ya kiddo...you are "daughter of the moment" how's that for a title?

  4. How exciting!! What a great moment, to hear your child say those words!! I'm so happy you shared that with us!

  5. Isn't that the sweetest thing you could hear from your childs lips. I remember Yael telling me one day that she had just told Jesus she wanted to follow Him. I still get teary eyed thinking about it.

  6. Yeah! It is such an awesome moment to experience your child receiving the Lord! I was able to lead my son to Christ when he was five. It is a moment that is forever framed in my mind...just as his physical birth, I can remember every detail of his spiritual birth. Sis's happened at school, I kinda missed out on that one, but rejoice in the fact that 2 out of the three so far have chosen to live in Christ. I am rejoicing right along with the angels and praying for him.

  7. It looks like Walker can't wait to get his hands on the ants. I am sure Wilson will thoroughly enjoy the whole ant activity. And you are an awesome "closest thing to a daughter" that I could ask for. Well, 1 of 2, Rene :)included. Sandy

  8. How exciting! What's makes it even more special is that through the video Brad was part of the process even from HOA.

    Regarding the ants, if they get loose, put on your flip flops, wrap skirt and head tie and pretend you're in The Gambia :). As you should recall, biting ants in the house isn't that unusual here!