30 March 2008


remember that shrimp boil we went to at the Clements' house before Brad left? well, here are some pics (remember I forgot the camera?)...
Of course, Wilson was eager to "Wii" while the shrimp was a'boilin'what's gonna work?
TEAMWORK! (think Wonder Pets)
Yum-a-licious! Fantabulous! Specfreakintacular!
(pardon my language, but it was some good stuff!)
and a few more pics that were on Barbie's camara card...
Wil is really into the b-ball right now, and thankfully Logan likes playing with him!
(I don't think he knows what "travelling" is yet)
is it any wonder the boys love going to their house?
deviled eggs on Easter
the Easter Party
We sure are blessed to have such wonderful friends...I know it makes it a little easier on Brad knowing that there are so many 'locals' I can call if I need something (yes, I know many of you out-of-towners have pledged to be here too if I need something; you've not been forgotten). We appreciate our friends dearly and thank God for bringing them into our lives during this time!


  1. Okay the kids are cute, but Geesh sis, you're really looking cute in that picture... really, I need to keep up with my you if I want to retain my title as the "good looking Rosencrantz girl" Ha!!!! This is the week I go to the gym.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun...and I know that the "close-by" crew can take care of a lot of the "right this minute" problems!

    Now I always thought you were both the good looking Rosencrantz girls...of course now it's alot easier...it the cute Lutz girl and the cute Wheaton girl!

  3. We love you, Lutz family. I am so glad that we are sharing so many memories together.

    I figure if the boys are happy(basketball, deviled eggs, and cupcakes... oh yeah and the pool in the summer)... then you'll have to be my friend. HA HA.

  4. rene - if I take the title as the "good looking Rosencrantz girl" do I still get to keep my other title "the SMART Rosencrantz girl??" hehehe

    Barbie - me too =)