23 March 2008

Fort Sill Easter Egg Hunt

Thankfully, our friends, Kim & Keith, took Wilson with them to the Fort Sill Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was beautiful and everything (except food I think) was free. SO there was a big crowd!

Meanwhile, Walker was at the bounce house. (We walked down to the egg hunt with another lady (whose husband is with Brad) and thier boy, Nathan, who is just a week older than Walker.)

Lucky me! Walker won a cupcake at the Cupcake Walk, thankfully a friend had baby wipes!
Here are Walker's finds...they are all chocolate malted eggs (I think)
And here are Wilson's...you can see the 3-5 year olds' eggs were a little on the trampled side.
Wilson and the gang sporting their firemen hats...Do I see a future Cowboy Fireman??? Very serious. After all the festivities at the Egg Hunt, Walker took a 10 minute nap and then we went over to my friend, Jen's in-laws house for dinner! It was a fun and busy day...the boys (and I) slept well last night!

And here is a (sort of) family picture from today.
We had lunch with Curry, Barbie and Logan...t-bones...Yummy!


  1. Wow that sure was a crowd for the egg hunt! We opted out of going to ours, here, just didn't want to deal with the "real" eggs!!!! Plus it was cold only about 26 and we had a covering of snow! Thankfully we didn't get the foot others got near us!!! Looks like your weather was beautiful and you all enjoyed a great time! Your sort-of family picture is great! Muskoka's birthday! thats too funny!

  2. Oh by the way. . . .Colson loved the painting Wilson did for him, its taped to his bedroom door! Thanks for thinking of him and sending it!

  3. I know most of these pictures are for Brad, and I'm really happy you have this way to share with him. So many blessings...including that great big sweet dog....she is one of the most personable dogs I have ever met...Happy Birthday 'Skoka. Give her a big hug from yaya and papau...even though he has never met her yet. Tell Wil, I think he looked good up on that pony, but with him living in OK, we might have to find a horse for him to ride, although by the time he gets old enough, he may be somewhere where camels might be more the animal of choice????

  4. Despite the circumstances, looks like fun was had by all. It would be very tempting to stop celebrating and mourn the time away from Brad, I am so happy to see that you are able to celebrate and are choosing to be joyful. I continue to lift you all up in prayer.