07 March 2008

HOA deployment ceremony

***Quick Note for those of you which are non-military (90% at least), please do not confuse HOA with Hooah. HOA- Horn of Africa, Hooah- Army speak for-- yes, amen, got it, ok, enough already, stop talking...etc, etc. Just wanted to clear that up!***

Brad's deployment ceremony was this afternoon. Here are a few pics of him before the ceremony got started. I know, I know, its like playing Where's Waldo a little bit... I put two in so those of you with a good eye could verify that it was him... This was as close as I could get with my zoom. I'll give you a hint, he's wearing ACU's and a Boonie cap... you can only see a smidgen of him in this one...***I forgot to mention that Brad sprained his ankle earlier today! Thankfully they didn't have to march in for the ceremony, they just formed up already in the gym. I think it will definitely be a laid-back weekend for him!***
we got there a little early, and I came ready with suckers & fruit snacks for the boys!
We were so happy that a few of our friends could join us. Charley and Ellen are the directors of our Sunday School Department and Keith, Kim, Caden and Kelsey are our pals. It was very encouraging to have them in the stands with me. The last deployment ceremony was so different because the guys left right then (which Brad would prefer, but I like this way a bit better). Anyway, it was a tangible expression of the Body of Christ right there in the bleachers!
And a family picture. Again much better than the last time!
If I could just get a little mushy...promise not to go on too much.
PROUD does not even begin to describe how I feel about this man.
I am privileged to walk this journey with him. I would prefer rocky terrain with him any day. I am thankful that he is such a loving husband and father. I am thankful that he is so hard to say good-bye to. (It'd be a shame if it weren't.) More than anything, I am thankful for the way he has encouraged me to grow in my faith in God (and not man). His integrity is unmistakable to all who know him. And I get to be his wife...how cool is that??


  1. I can't even begin to find the words to use right now! Just tears! and more tears! Thanks for allowing us to catch a glimpse of the ceremony through your eyes. I would have loved to have been there! Nothing like being in the midst of men and women who are ready to do "their duty" for God, for man, for country and for especially their families!"

  2. Oh, and one more thing, I picked him out without even having to enlarge the picture! No matter what I can always find the "Lutz men"!

  3. Great post - you brought me to tears with your few simple sentences at the end. Brad, too, is blessed - to have a wife and children who love him so dearly. (HOOAH)

  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I do wish we could have been there! We are so proud of you Brad. Love Dad and Sandy

  5. Here I am a little late on the uptake as usual, but I feel lucky and privledged to get to be a part of the journey God has made for this little family in this great big world. The lives that are touched by all of you will continue to grow along the path, and bring blessings to you as they do. Remember Brad, as your universe expands and you touch many lives, you have already touched ours here and a part of us are there with you ready to lend support any way we can. I know that when the time comes for you to head out, God's plan will allow you to touch so many more lives! What a good looking family picture you have to carry with you!

  6. hey dude i wish i could be there to see you off this time but for some reason God didnt allow it to happen. I thank Him for giving me such an awesome oldest brother like you. I am encouraged each day at what things you have to go through. I see you soon Brad. I will miss you bro.

    Love Brett