06 March 2008

just a few woo-hoo moments...

...that I thought I should share.

  1. Tuesday night, I found out they are bringing BUNKO to town (at least for a few months...and then maybe, finally, I can start my own 'league'!!)
  2. Yesterday Walker started saying "Mommy" instead of "mama"...don't know if that's actually a woo-hoo or a boo-hoo, but it sure is cute to hear!
  3. Barbie called and said there is a fairly good chance that their family won't be moving after all. We will wait and trust God's plan, but it did encourage me a bit.
  4. I was asked to share a devotional during the opening part of our bible study this morning. I had planned to volunteer to do it after Brad left, but God's timing is always best...I was worried about too many tears, but God was gracious and steadied my voice...
  5. ...even though we sang "He Knows My Name" again, which usually starts up the water-works. I was reminded that not only does He see each tear that falls, but that He also hears me when I call!

God is good, all the time. And, all the time, God is good.

And finally, we have a winter storm advisory today. I think it's probably going to miss us. But I have a little guy that has been hoping for snow all winter (as has his Daddy)... For the sake of those two, I am actually kind of hoping for snow myself. They haven't played together in the snow in quite some time... I think 3 winters ago when we lived on Carpenter Rd.

Oh, and one more thing, maybe the most important. I think it is amazing how God chooses to bless each of us according to the way He made us individually...you know, to some people BUNKO would mean nothing, but God knows me well enough to reveal it me the week before my husband leaves...its the little things, you know?


  1. Okay, Mom has had a few minutes to turn on the computer and look at the blog...I do love to hear the what's going on and how God works, and I KNOW he does! BUNKO...I even have a couple of things that I got to do last year at the church that might just come in handy for the future BUNKO party planner!
    My prayers are that He will help me to be supportive and understanding with what my children go through and somehow help them and their husbands, who are the only sons I will ever have, to understand and feel His hand, presence, and love in all that happens in their lives.
    When I was a little girl there was a song that I loved, God sees the Little Sparrow Fall...it always made me feel safe. I feel blessed every day with all the Lord has given me. Brad, you, Wilson and Walker are only a few of my blessings, but in no way the least! Moments are blessings, and God gives us terabytes and more of those. I love you guys!

  2. Aw, what a great comment from your mom!!!

    I don't know what BUNKO is, but if you love it, then I'm happy for you!

  3. Awww....and Amen! It is so nice to see and read about God working in the lives of his children. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I put a post on my blog just for you. What's BUNKO?