26 March 2008

more sunshine and wind...

a perfect combination for flying kites with your friend!
Gavin and Wilson had it mastered in no time flat the boys had fun playing in the field across the street after lunch
then they played tag...
...and they all fell down!
And then I was blown away... Nicole and I planned to (have the kids) fly kites again after dinner, and when we called to meet, she said she had something for me...
A Bible in a bag! Its about the size of a checkbook (but much thicker)...with my name on it! I about started bawling right there on the patio. Her mother-in-law had just ordered her 3 bibles and as she was showing them to me she decided it was the perfect "thank you" for keeping an eye on her house while she was in Texas. (Living on post, means there's not much work involved, so I feel a bit guilty.) Tomorrow she's coming with me to bible study (her first time to any type of Bible study whatsoever).
Oh, and whoever prayed for me while I was working out this morning, it really did the trick. I had a much better, less embarrassing experience today...
and I only hit my knee once on the machine...


  1. It is so nice to see the tangible ways God shows his love to his children...may you continue to be blessed today!

  2. Oh my goodness Wilson, your kite is so high! Love Meme

  3. looks like he is doing well with the kite...tell him good job and that I love him.

  4. What an awesome friend, and what an awesome opportunity for you to share lifes experiences and be an example for. I will be praying that God opens the door for you to touch her life.