26 April 2008

another fun-filled Saturday...

This post is mostly for Daddy...Saturdays are the hardest days, because these are our 'family days.' While we miss Daddy everyday of the week I know I don't look forward to Saturdays like I used to... I haven't really planned anything for the weekends either, but thankfully we had another good one! Barbie told me about this "Child Abuse Prevention Fair" at the big park 'in town' (or off-post). The boys had such fun...and everything was free!! Getting ready for the slide... Wilson did such a good job being BIG brother today! I told him on the way that there might be a lot of people and that we kind of had to do what Walker wanted because he is younger, and if they played that Wilson had to stick with Walker (its one of those big wooden playgrounds that you can hardly walk through without hitting your head or banging your hips). He did such a good job, and only once or twice said, "Come over here WALKER!" When I would ever so gently remind him to go with his brother...
You can see on their faces how much fun they were having together!
Walker didn't want to get out of the firetruck (or the police car for that matter). Good thing the Medi-Flight Helicopter was a no show, he probably would've demanded a ride!
Here are the boys waiting for the bounce house, never one to waste a moment to get dirty, Walker quickly dug in!
Ready for jumping...
He was being silly here...
They had fun in here too, Walker was a lot more laid back than I thought he would be, I wish the camera hadn't focused on the net, but I guess you get the idea.
They had a bunch of carnival-like games too, complete with those little prizes you can never have enough of... (And a jawbreaker...but that's another story altogether.)

They even had horses for the kids to ride. I didn't think Wilson would want to, but he didn't freak at all.
Again, Walker did not want to get off. I was so thankful he didn't throw a fit though, because he was so high I thought for sure he would fall.
And after naps we got busy on the garden. We have two plots between us and another family, you can see the first one is tilled(?) and the second one is just getting started.
Shannon is indeed wearing a sundress to garden! So fabulous!
And our plots all tilled and ready for planting. Well, there are a few more things we need to do before we actually plant, but we are close!

Of course, our Saturday ended with Pizza and a movie, followed by baths and the "daddy video." The book tonight was Snuggle Puppy and the boys loved it. Wilson and I said some parts of it along with you, Brad. At the end, you say, "I wish I could be there to give you all kisses!" We do too! But while we wait, God is providing for us abundantly! We are blessed beyond measure and I know my words fail to explain it well.
"Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." Psalm 128:1-2


  1. All that fun stuff for free! Awesome!!

    We're thinking and praying for all of you.

  2. oh..that looks like so much fun. been praying and thinking of you all so much..wow. i am jealous of your garden...I am going to try and plant one here..I have a brown thumb, big time, so we'll see how that goes. right now i am growing the seeds in eggshells inside...an idea from a friend of mine...
    hope you sleep well tonight..been praying for sweet sleep...it makes the days better....

  3. I really would have liked to have been there for the weekend!
    Everyone had a great time you can tell by the smiles!

  4. Wow, that's awesome that stuff was all free. What a great day! Can't wait to see those cuties soon!