02 April 2008

bunnies, winning and creativity

I finally remembered to get the boys' chocolate bunnies out for them to eat.
What an adventure! (That is mustard on Walker's face) CHOMP!
Yesterday Wilson and I got to go "on a date." We signed up to attend a play of Henry and Mudge. (I originally had signed up Walker as well, but when I found out there was no food or drink allowed, I had to call my friendly babysitting service -Barbie.) We met some other preschoolers and their moms at Fort Sill. This is the "Caravan Club." (Fort Sill is currently in the process of providing more activities for stay-at-home moms of preschool age children.) Before we left the parking lot, they had a drawing for a stuffed puppy that resembled Mudge. When I showed Wilson our ticket and explained that there would be a drawing, he said,
"I wonder what it feels like to be a winner."
I about jumped out of the car when they called our number! (Plus, you know me and prizes!) Here's Wil with his winning smile, the puppy and the ticket. Of course, there was no photography allowed at the auditorium, so you just have to trust me that we had a great time! There was lots of singing, and we were in the third row, smack-dab-in-the-middle! (Oh, and did I mention this whole thing was free????)
And he got to pick where we went for lunch. I can't say that Long John Silver's is my favorite, but Wilson had a good time. He kept asking what was inside the hush puppies... I mumbled something about cornbread??? Anyone know??
We miss Brad each day, throughout the day, but evenings would have to be the biggest adjustment. I have started reading some fiction in the evenings (after updating the blog and sending emails, etc), but it kind of leaves me feeling a little unaccomplished. So between books I repainted our canvases, and decided to get out my sewing machine. I made one t-shirt bag today (its on the 'table')...seriously the easiest sewing project of all time...seriously. I love being a little creative now and then...its relaxing.

I want to say thanks again to all of you that pray for us. We truly appreciate it!


  1. way to go mom and Wilson for having the winning ticket! I bet Wilson was so excited! What great opportunites the base is providing for you military families; and free too, even better. Glad you had a great mommy/son day. Those definitely are precious times that you will never forget and its rather fun to spend an afternoon with just one and concentrate on him for a few hours.

    Did the boys love their bunnies? Walker looks like he could have eaten the entire chocolate in one sitting and Wilson seems to take a bit more time and more carefully too! Just adorable!

  2. How nice to be able to spend alone time with Wilson. It's funny, you always think of the military as being somewhat "anti-family" as families have to endure long deployments and families are usually subject to multiple moves every few years. It is nice to see the support network and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing that. I am very thankful that you have friends and support. Still praying for you!

  3. Love all the pics and the projects look great! The boys are growing so fast....and I think Wilson should know what a winner feels like, just from being him! Obviously that's a yaya talking! Glad you do get a chance to fill your days with things that can keep your mind active and not restless...God does provide, good to know he uses the military too!

  4. The Clements Crew03 April, 2008 10:23

    Girl, stop being so hard on yourself... "feeling a little unaccomplished"... when Curry deployed... I counted EVERYTHING as an accomplishment. Getting out of bed, laundry, three sqaure meals(okay maybe not always so square), baths, food shopping... you get what I'm saying. Don't you dare short yourself on doing something little like reading a book for yourself. It is soooooo important to have some "me" time; more so when you are wearing all of the hats. You are doing a great job!!! Take time for you and don't feel guilty.