14 April 2008

catchin' up

you thought she was muddy in the last picture...little did I know she'd look like this the next day!Walker wearing brother's shoes, zoning out with Little Bear
We got these, and they are ready to be mailed tomorrow!
And a few practice shots of the "Photo-of-the-Month" really, this is beginning to be the highlight of my month...
and you can tell the kids LOVE it!
Last week was another busy week, but it was a good one too. Starting Wednesday night (Idol Gives Back) my heart has just been blessed and encouraged in numerous ways, some silly and some serious. I was able to go on a retreat this weekend with the ladies from my Bible study. It was a wonderful time, and the theme was "Divine Romance." And quite honestly, I feel like I have been romanced over these past few days. I won't list everything because it might not translate as well for y'all, but the topper was this morning when I got to see Brad (on the webcam) we hadn't gotten it to work before, and we still didn't have the sound worked out, but it was wonderful to see his face...and the boys climbed on my lap too. With my poor typing skills and two boys on my lap, we didn't say much! But it was a treat! I pray that you are able to see God's hand pouring blessing over your days as well. The little and the big.


  1. I am thankful that you are able to have some time to yourself...it is so important right now. I'm so glad you were able to see Brad! that is great!
    I continue to lift you all in prayer.

  2. Where were the boys while you were on your retreat? Sandy

  3. The boys were on their own retreat with Miss Barbie....lucky lttle guys! Hope you had a great time and I hope you got some time to relax and rest!

  4. Sandy the boys were with Barbie, who took them to Chuck E Cheese (what a good friend). Mussy was with John & Molly in case you were wondering, and it was only one night. A good time was had by ALL...except maybe Barbie =)

  5. We had a great time while mommy(Amanda) was away getting "recharged". I did forget what it's like to have small children.... and in Chuck E Cheese. We all survived and a Starbuck's (for me) made everything better. I am glad that I have Amanda for a friend.. and if God has called us to stay in Lawton... I might as well help out.
    The boys and I have great fun together... I love the Lutz family like they are my own.

  6. Barbie, no words can express how wonderful Carl and I feel that Amanda has you,Curry and Logan in her and the boys lifes. Sandy