05 April 2008

delightful days

April is Month of the Military Child, so they had a little parade at the childcare center on Friday morning (I did not know this until Friday morning), so after my workout I ran home and got the camera (and by ran home, I mean drove home, of course). It was pretty chilly and while I waited for the boys to come out, I just had to take a picture of these two in this crib...So cute!
Here are the boys with their 'class'. As you can see, Walker was more interested in me than the parade...So I got to walk along with them!
I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "does this hat make me look dorky?"
You can see the little tear running down his face from the cold, we only walked out the parking lot, the length of the front of the building, and back into the parking lot...but they had a fire truck, a marching band, a Junior ROTC drill team and some clowns, so it was a slow walk... and a fun memory!Afterwards, we went to a 'playdate' at Faith's house...look what Walker found...YUCK! He seemed to like it though, I wondered what would Brad think if I started him on a paci at 21 months?... (Don't worry honey, it was just a thought)
Today after some brief *garage sailing* the boys got their haircuts... (I'll tell you about the garage sale finds tomorrow)

...then to the park for an Ice Cream Social with the FRG...

I love this pic with both boys doing their thing

This little man will climb anything...thankfully there weren't many "drop-offs" at the top of this!
They loved this little bike-merry-go-round-thingy. Most of the other kids played really well, even though there was a broad-range of ages represented...
The FRG leader came prepared with some games. In this game, they had a balloon tied around their legs. Wilson liked it until his balloon got popped...the object was to be the last one with a balloon, so of course, Wilson expected to win. For awhile I was certain Walker was going to win - since he was cheatin' and holding his balloon (I wonder where the cheatin' streak comes from???)
And finally, ICE CREAM!
And off to bed early tonight! I don't really look forward to weekends as much as I normally would, but so far this has been a good one.
Again feeling overwhelmed by the goodness of our Father, His faithfulness to us, and His rich blessings that He pours out abundantly!

"For the Lord God is a sun and a shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless." Psalm 84:11


  1. Wow! What a busy weekend you had. I'm sure there were lots of memories to keep though. In that one pic of Wilson on the slide, his hair looks so blonde. I stared at it and thought, "who is that?" Hahaha. Enjoy those moments together. God is indeed good!

  2. Looks like you had a good weekend! Hey, good news...Ben and Tracy must be fairly close to you - Ben works at Fort Sill right now!!! Email me and I will send you their email address and phone number!!!