23 April 2008

earth day and so much more!

I remembered that Earth Day was coming this month, so I saved as much of our recyclable trash as possible... the sad truth is that we do not normally recycle this kind of stuff because we aren't spoiled with a special recycle bin and collection services. We would actually have to drive across post to the Recycle Center. After seeing our large quantity of recyclable trash, I decided we should do this on a regular basis. (I am still waiting for someone to answer the phone there so I can find out the specifics.) Anyway, for Earth Day Wilson and I looked at all our trash, then we broke down the boxes, here is Wilson standing on the pile. Wilson chose some boxes to reuse for an expanded make-believe shopping experience. I know some of you may think that is kind of a girly-sort of play. But, hey, his future wife will LOVE it if he can run to the grocery store and pick out the right thing the first time (Brad is a good shopper, but I hear some guys aren't.)

And this was my dilemma a day or so ago. How does a flip-flop find itself on the bed frame??? This was a tricky task, for sure. I guess it worked out good that I missed Pilates this day because I about had to do half the moves to free this thing!
I found this book under the bed (thanks to Walker). Which I thought was interesting because...
I won this one at the retreat I went to a few weeks ago. The author of the woman's battle was our guest speaker. I had heard before that this was a "must-read" for anyone with a deployed spouse. So far so good... (by the way, Brad read his before he left)
And finally, the builder. While I was laying with Walker (in the hopes that he would fall asleep quickly for his nap), Wilson built a Grand Central Station with his legos. --Technically, I think Brad refers to these as 'duplos' -- Anyway, he used every single one in his bin. He was quite pleased...and found it much easier to build while Walker was napping!


  1. Big Willie sure is creative!! I'm glad Puckey didn't see this post, she would have wondered why he had her shopping cart. It IS great to have a husband who CAN go to the store if needed - so continue to encourage that kind of play!

    That flip flop (or flop flop as Puckey calls them) dilemma was interesting. It's weird how stuff can get stuck in suck unlikely places. Glad you were able to get it out, and get a little exercise in the process.

    Still keeping you in my prayers...

  2. I have Every Heart Restored by the same author (I think) if you want to read it.

    We are the spoiled ones with curbside recycling. I love it. It is amazing how much trash we use as a society!

    Love the legos. I'll have Brendan bring some next week and maybe Wilson & Bren can make something great...if the little ones will stay away!

  3. I really like those books...so insightful...love the blocks, too...looks like you boys and my boys would be such good buds! wish we were closer!

  4. Way to go with the recycling = ) Since I started we cut our trash down by half!!! Those juice bottles take up lots of space...We pay for every trash bag we put out so its more than just a recycling thing = )