25 April 2008

ever heard of...

World Malaria Day?
I hadn't until recently, and guess what? Its today! Here are a few links if you are intersted in finding out more...

World Vision has a special page dedicated to Malaria, with lots of good information.

Compassion also has a campaign called Bite Back.
I am sure if you google World Malaria Day, you will find much more. Keep in mind, Brad is taking medication everyday while he is there. He has a net that is treated with a chemical to deter these mosquitos, in case he isn't in his regular sleeping area. If Brad is exposed to malaria, he will be treated for it.

Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria.

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  1. I've never heard of Malaria Day! That is a staggering statistic...
    How is Brad? I'm sure he is missing you all like crazy...Is he adjusting to life over there?

    I wanted to let you know too, I left a rather lengthy explanation of my wheat woes in my comments.