06 April 2008

future rock stars...

this one is for you, Daddy

The boys are loving the $0.25 microphone we found at a garage sale yesterday. Add to it, a Little People playground, 2 purses, and some dining chair cushions, and we did pretty well. And to top it all off, I just realized how GREEN we really are...I was watching HGTV's Green House, when I realized that 90% of our household items are recycled. I think Earth Day may be in April because of all the facts floating around...but did you also know that it is good for the environment to stay married? I never realized how much of a conservationist I was...


  1. p.s.

    I am an IDIOT, I DID send Wilson to church in a 2T polo shirt, yes, that's right, that's why it looks so small on him in the video

    and p.p.s.

    I have used the microphone myself for my all-time-fave-karaoke-song "Stay", unfortunately, there is no video of that one!

  2. You ARE green! Good job! I guess we're pretty green here, too. Not quite to your level, but now we have a goal to shoot for!! LOL

    Big Willie "Supa-fly" is quite the little entertainer!

    I forwarded your email to Ben and Tracy. Hopefully you'll hear from them soon. I'll send you their email address and phone number as well.

  3. Cam watched the video with me and said something that sounded like "bau-ker"...I think he recognized Walker! :-) Hope all is well!

  4. Wilson, that was awesome!! Love Meme

  5. Jack loves watching the videos of the boys.
    Love Rene

    P.s. It's not fixed yet but our plumbing problem mom told you about shouldn't be too bad.