16 April 2008

a glimpse (or four) of our day

Here is a shot of Walker after he got into my bag of markers...why do I continue to leave things on the table?? If we didn't have to go to the post office before the park, I probably wouldn't have scrubbed his head so hard... Wilson with his buddies, Kauly and Adly. They are twins and are a few weeks younger than Wilson. They are moving to Georgia next week, so we were happy to head to the park and spend some time together this afternoon.
This might be cruel. But, you see, when I first saw this look on Walker's face, I thought he was scared to go down the slide. I ran over, and Riley (the twins' older brother) told me that he thought Walker was scared of a bug on the slide. When I realized that was the issue, I had to snap a picture. We will be spending more time looking for bugs so Walker can get over this little issue. (Notice I said bugs, not spiders.)
After dinner we went for a walk to get the mail. I had to snap this picture of the "Tape Art" that Walker made with Scotch tape. I had found this prior to dinner, but Wilson decided to display it on the front door.


  1. Its always fun to meet buddies at the park. We are finally experiencing some warm days here and hopefully the ground will dry-up soon so we can also make a trip to the playscape.

    Love the picture of Wilson holding the dog at bay with his leash! Poor Walker and the bugs. It won't be long and he probably won't even notice them!

  2. Friends and the park - what a great combo!

    I have the same issue with leaving stuff out - maybe one day we'll learn? (At least it was markers and not something like scissors or worse...)

    Hunting for bugs - not my favorite passtime, but you all have a great time doing it!!

  3. I have to take the time here to say "Thanks Amanda"! A Go Blue shirt...was it a nickle find at a flea market?

  4. about the MICHIGAN t-shirt:
    Sandy bought it for Wilson when he was little and wrote WILSON LUTZ on the tag with permanent marker before she gave it to us!!!

  5. I wrote WIlson's name on the tag so Brad couldn't take it back!