21 April 2008

it's gettin' hot down here...

Ok, this pic has nothing to do with the heat, but it was just TOO cute to leave out (and notice Ms. Brainiac broke out a bib to protect the new shirt...although the bib looks relatively clean compared to that face!)
Thanks to Daddy's suggestion this morning on the phone, we busted out the sprinkler...not the fun one or anything though...don't want to play all our cards on the first hand...Walker was a little unsure of it...

...he was a little more interested in the muddy situation that had developed in the sandbox!
Oh, did I mention this was all around dinner time? Yeah, they didn't wake up from their naps until 4:45 (there was a bit of mutiny at naptime). SO we ate dinner outside, then traipsed down to the mailbox in swimtrunks and sandy feet... Believe it or not, Wilson actually liked these stuffed peppers...they had these little itty bitty ones and I could NOT pass them up. They weren't on the menu for this week, but I had to use them anyway... (I know Brad, you are not the least little bit disappointed about missing out on this, but they were yummy! NOTE TO ELIZABETH: (my future sister-in-law) I don't know if you ever read this blog, but if you do --if you got a crock-pot at one of your recent showers, and it has a recipe for stuffed peppers, do NOT try it, it could have long-term effects on your husband's confidence in your cooking, just ask mine)


  1. It looks like a whole lot of fun, and maybe a little mess, but the messy part is the part that Walker will remember, cuz that's his fun stuff! We had those peppers last night for dinner too, they weren't stuffed, but the were mixed with grilled onions, some pine nuts, small pieces of cooked up pork, and some feta cheese....yum o!

  2. Looks like fun! We are supposed to be up to like 77 today! I am so excited for the nice weather.

    My mom always made stuffed peppers...I love them...stuffed tomatoes, too. Of course, she doesn't have a recipe, it is just a little of this and that...

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Walker doesn't ever appear to have a bad day. The picture of Wilson in the sprinkler is really neat, it looks like snow. Love Meme

  4. oh you DO have boys! the dirt...why do i even clean??? today they were turning chairs upside down to make space ships! blah! nap time mutiny? the reason Zeke is still in a CRIB!