29 April 2008

a pudding artist and a budding artist...

Does it ever get old seeing this guy covered in some sort of food? I know its the highlight of each day for me! I ♥ chocolate pudding in his hair! Wilson showing his cover on the yearbook for his school. They framed his "original artwork." I'm thinking of putting it on Ebay. Just kidding...
Walker actually wanted to be in on the pictures tonight.
He is REALLY proud of his brother! (and you can barely tell, but he's wearing Wil's shoes with his jammies, of course!)
So I broke down and shelled out $20 for the yearbook, since my son won the cover. Brad thought everyone in Michigan would love to see it and be really proud, so it will be making a tour along with us next month. For those of you that don't know, my mom had volunteered to come get me anytime I needed her to, while Brad was gone. So she is coming in a few weeks to pick up the boys, myself and our big pup. We'll be in Michigan for about a month..already praying for nice weather! (And on the off chance that there is a creepy stalker out there...the MPs will be watching our house...so don't get any ideas.)


  1. Good job Wilson! Love Grandpa Carl and Meme

  2. Way to go Wilson. . . .in typical Lutz fashion, great artwork. You are definitely following in your Uncles footprints by creating masterpieces. Keep up the great work.

  3. Sorry didn't mean to forget the pudding man. What a great kid, he does like to get into whatever he does, doesn't he? That SMILE, just melts your heart.

  4. That is great that you will be able to spend time here in MI with family! How nice!
    I never get tired of those food shots, like you, I chuckle at the "better you than me" sentiment, though I've certainly been there! Boogie just makes other messes and gets into other things!

  5. You're coming home?!? YAHOO! I hope we get a chance to see you while you're in MI!

    Good job on making the cover of the yearbook, Big Willie!

    Pudding is a great moisturizer...(isn't it?)