19 April 2008

we did something DIRTY today...

we planted two little container gardens! And because Barbie is a tremendous friend, she called me when she found out that ALL THE LIVE PLANTS WERE HALF OFF TODAY ONLY at Lowe's. And to top it off, did you know if you buy an open bag of soil (or manure) its HALF OFF? Barbie also gave me a book called Planted Junk, with ideas for containers. I still have two tomato plants, so I will probably be on the look out for some containers with alternate uses...

Here is Wilson mixing the soil and the manure... totally into his work...
and Walker is helping put some mulch in the bottom of the red container before we add the soil
Walker by the herb garden: basil, rosemary and cilantro. I don't often use fresh herbs, but I thought this would get me to try it more frequently. I bought this planter box when we were newlyweds for DVD storage under our little entertainment center. It was just sitting empty in the garage...
And Wilson with the veggie garden: sweet bell peppers, orange and green; and two cucumbers. When we get the tomatoes planted, if all goes well, I should be able to make some yummy salsa! ( I know this container is not that pretty, but it does the job and it, too, was sitting empty in our garage. I hope the sun fades the sharpie on the sides quickly!)
We still plan on planting at our little garden plot down the street. We are going to plant seeds down there, because they are inexpensive and we have a long season here. We and another family have adjacent plots, so we can share the load. Wilson said tonight, "I never knew I would be so good at gardening!" Sort of like the other night when I made salmon and he said, "I didn't think the salmon would be this good!" I guess its good if life keeps exceeding his expectations, right?

"Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred." Proverbs 15:17

I really really want to paint this verse on the walls of a dining room someday. Don't worry, honey, I won't do it while you are gone, these textured walls would be horrible to paint on!


  1. Wilson, when you get here, maybe you could help me plant my flowers. I would love your help. Love Meme

  2. How fun! I was just telling Ande recently that I might like to try a small garden this year.

    Make sure you post pictures as your plants grow...

  3. My mouth is watering! Looks like you have the help needed to keep a garden growing!

  4. Look at you! Send that little help up my way...he is TOO cute. My garden will be done sometime in May..I hope? Last year? Oh, I planted lots of tomatoes...in the shade. Oops..I hope to do a better job this year.