07 May 2008

32 years and counting...

We had some rain last night. I think Muskoka was worried that since it was my birthday and Mr. Brad was gone, that perhaps I would sit around and mope all day. And because she is an intuitive puppy, she decided to prance around in the mud while I was in the shower. I happened to catch her mid-prance and made her come in. I didn't have time to clean her up, though, because I was meeting some girlfriends (and kids) for lunch. So she got locked in the bathroom...poor, muddy, Muskoka!
There were actually more kids than girlfriends at my birthday lunch. And you know what, it was still fun. These girls, they have good kids. (Mine included - nobody was bit at lunch)
And, I don't think our waitress ever got annoyed with us. And you know how annoying a bunch of girls gabbing can be...then add 6 kids, five and under. Then, the girls sent me to get a massage after lunch! AWESOME! If you ever want to bless someone with a deployed spouse, this is the way to do it! It was so wonderful. So, so wonderful. (and technically, I think one of the best parts was that Brad knew beforehand, so he knew I would be having a good birthday even though he is faraway!)
After my massage, I had to get to work on the dirty girl...she cleans up well. Oh, did I mention that she and I spent some time in the storm shelter before her bath/shower/bath/sudsy/rinse session? Yep, the tornado sirens went off. And the boys were at Barbie's house. Thankfully, there was nothing more than a thunderstorm and some hail. And a ton of rain. The day ended with dinner at the Clements house and some very nice presents. And chocolate cake of course.

I did tell Brad that I am pretending that tomorrow is my real birthday because we have a Video TeleConference (VTC) scheduled. So we should get to see him on a big screen and he us, and get to chat for a bit. I cannot wait to see how Walker responds! That will be the topper for this pretty wonderful birthday.


  1. I'm so glad you were blessed on your birthday. Isn't God SOOO good?! I only wish I could've come! Pretending tomorrow is your b-day is a good idea because that's when you'll probably get my card! :-) Sorry 'bout that! It's not that I forgot, but I got confused. Doesn't take much lately!

  2. Well, I am glad the kids were good, sorry to hear the dog didn't want to help out on your birthday. Love you!

  3. I didn't know it was your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I am so glad you have such good friends! How awesome was that to get a massage! I'm glad you get some time for yourself. Here's to a blessed year for you!

  4. Amanda, Happy Belated Birthday! We have been moving the past two days, and with all the commotion i forgot to call. You were in my thoughts though. Hope to see you soon! -Casey

  5. Spending time with good friends is ALMOST as good as getting to spend it with your husband, so I'm glad you were able to celebrate your birthday like that!

    And a massage?!? How cool is that?!? I bet you enjoyed every second of it.

    Have a great video conference with Brad, I pray that all the connections are good and computers "glitch-free" so that nothing takes away from that time!


  7. happy birthday!!!! so glad you got a special treat..oh the spa. :)