21 May 2008

havin' fun in (somewhat) chilly Michigan

I honestly cannot remember what day these pictures were taken, I think Monday. This week has been a full one! Which it should be since our time here is limited... The boys did some bike riding Monday, Walker on his garage sale find--that Wilson insisted on buying for him with his own money! Wilson relishing his last few days with training wheels. Uncle Brett and Uncle Blake will be giving him some lessons here soon, hopefully the weather will warm up a bit!
Look at these two studs getting ready to cheer Uncle Nate on at his last track meet...
And here is the official cheering section... Including Aunt Rene and baby Jack.
Granny's garage sale starts tomorrow and it has been a lot of work getting ready for it. Wilson and Skoka had to take a nap today... Unfortunately I woke her up when I took this pic and then, she woke up Wilson. But after a few days without a nap, even a short one worked wonders for Willy today!

Wilson is starting his 'very first business' tomorrow. I am not sure where he came up with it, but he decided a while back that he wanted to have a lemonade stand at Grandma's garage sale. So he made some cookies and signs and, of course, lemonade. Hopefully it will be warm enough that people will want to drink lemonade tomorrow!


  1. Wishin' for chilly weather here! It's been HOT, nearly 100 here! Glad to see you guys having fun! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. when did she start crawling up on beds to sleep?

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