01 May 2008

may day, may day

So this week at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), was my care group's week to bring a snack. I got this loaf of "friendship bread" out of the freezer this morning, and Walker came strolling down the hall with a hunk of it in his hand... Thankfully it was salvageable! I don't know who gets a bigger kick out of Muskoka getting our weekly paper; her, Wilson, or myself! It almost makes me want to subscribe to the local paper again!
Today was the National Day of Prayer. PWOC organized a prayer walk following our regular meeting, complete with snacks and balloons. There were 7 areas to pray for our country, I talked through each thing with Wilson...government, military, media, business, education, church and family. I thought he was getting it, but when I said, "Who do we know in the military?" He said, "I don't know." I reminded him about Daddy being in the Army and that the Army is part of the military.
We did pray some and then the boys ran ahead of me for a bit...
I thought this was way too cute! (it didn't last too long though!)

We had a nice time, and its a reminder of what a wonderful country we live in and of the freedom that we often take for granted.
On our way to the walk, I told Wilson it was for praying and he said, "With our eyes closed????" I told him that it is ok to pray with your eyes open!


  1. Sounds like a really nice event. There certainly are a lot of things to pray for. I can relate to the scripture that talks about praying w/o ceasing...There truly are things to be praying for continually.

  2. Kids are so great.

    Glad you were able to spend some time in prayer with others yesterday!!

  3. Just love the picture of the two of them holding hands, can you get a copy for me? ADORABLE! I love how the military is pro prayer. So glad you are able to involve yourself and the kids in some awesome events, great teaching moments.

  4. yes, I will order a few copies of this picture and get one to you when we are home...

    I think it would be a good one to hang in their room too =)

  5. Wilson, you are the best big brother. Amanda,can you get me a copy of the boys holding hands in black and white. Sandy

  6. Ah friendship bread in the morning, that boy has good taste. Muskoka and the paper, wonder if she can help Grandma Rose out with that. Wilson is a very deep thinker! Amanda, you have a great eye for pictures! I can help with the prints when I get there if you want to wait....if not, I know you can handle it just fine!
    Love you guys, will see you in a week or less....man that sounds good!