08 May 2008

the VTC rocked...

and by VTC, I mean video teleconference. It wasn't perfect, but the boys loved it...I think Walker said, "HI," "DADA," or a combination of both at least 273 times during our 7 minutes. It was good, and I really do think both of the boys enjoyed their face time with Daddy. While actual face time would truly be magnificent, who can complain? We got "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Daddy today!!! Woo hoo!

and my Mom will be here tomorrow!


  1. That is great! I was praying that the technology portion of it would go off w/o a hitch!

    How often do you get to do the VTC?

    Have a safe trip to MI!

  2. I'm so happy that things went well yesterday!!! Like Destini, I was praying for a good connection/no glitches as well. Yay for modern technology!

    Hope your mom's trip goes well, and that your trip back to MI does as well! I really mean it when I say I'd like to see you all sometime during your visit!! I just found out the other day that Ben & Tracy should be coming sometime around Memorial Day - it would be REALLY cool if we ALL got to get together...I just bought a new grill yesterday, we could have a BBQ!

    Anyway, please DO get in touch with me if you'd like to get together!