03 May 2008

watch out Lance Armstrong...

Wilson's gonna be breaking your records some day...or at least really enjoy riding his bike around! Today there was a bike festival at a local museum. We originally went because they advertised free hot air balloon rides...but shock of all shocks--it was too windy today (It would actually be shocking if it wasn't windy here). So after some disappointment, and a free helmet, we decided to come back later with Wilson's bike. I am SO GLAD we did, because he had a blast! And Walker really had fun watching all the kids on their bikes. Here is Wilson in line for his first time trial. And here he is about the fifth time. He really liked doing this, and probably would've just done it over and over and over if I hadn't talked him into trying something else.
Walker trying out a skuut. He seems to have the same intensity in his eyes as when he was on the horse last weekend!
Wilson took a bike-riding test. Here is the serpentine! Wow, he was thrilled to do this section because he loves the word serpentine (from the movie Cars...and Nascar Races, and when Daddy drives like Lightening McQueen).
Here is the short radius turning section. I think there were five sections altogether. At the end they took his picture and they will be mailing him a license! He did pretty well, except on the figure 8 he went WAY off course, because there was a drainage grate. I don't blame him because I hate that part of the Mackinac Bridge to this day...I probably wouldn't intentionally ride my bike on a grate, (if I had a bike and I rode it.)
These pics are specifically for you, Brad. Wilson didn't exactly get it, but he thought it was kind of cool. For those of you back home, the big hole under the sign is a Prairie Dog hole. They are ALL OVER this park.
Ready, Set...
...toss that Huffy!
And well, just to put a smile on your face. And notice he has an ink pen, with the point out - of course! But also notice, he has started wearing his reminderband instead of just playing with it!

We also hit some garage sales today as it was the post-wide sale today. Books, games and some -can you guess- Little People. We had a beautiful day, and while we first thought the Bike Festival was a disappointment it turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful time, with lots of reminders of Daddy everywhere!
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7


  1. I am so glad there are activites on a regular basis for you to enjoy with the boys, especially ones that are FREE! they are the best. Way to go garage sales! I hit a few here, and hopefully there will be more in the weeks to come. One more week. . . . .we are all anxious. Is Wilson ready for Uncle Brett and Uncle Blake to teach him how to ride without training wheels? I am sure he will master it in no time, just like his daddy did!

  2. Free activities are the BEST!!

    Loved the last pic of Walker - especially his choice of footwear. LOL

  3. What's up with him wearing heels? I know I left at least one pair of boots there. Drag those out for him, and let him wear those around.

  4. there are probably spiders in your boots... besides, if you get something FOR HIM to play with, he won't touch it!

  5. Looks like fun! I love little boys and their bikes...they are happiest when running up and down ramps, jumps, etc.