30 June 2008


so many of our days could be "good" or "bad" depending solely on our attitude or perspective. I was reminded yesterday that being here is the right place for our family. Many wives move "home" during a deployment, and I don't fault them for it, but I know for us...this is the right place at this time. Here are two examples that might give you a little perspective as well
  • while I was in Michigan, someone asked me how long ago Brad left. I said, "March." The reply was, "Wow, he has been gone a LONG time."
  • yesterday, a couple at church that had moved last summer and is now back asked when Brad left, again, I said, "March." The reply, "Oh, he hasn't been gone very long yet."

do you see the difference? I am thankful that God has led us to stay here.

In other news, I chopped my hair off...not too drastic...a little less hassle for me, and well, as many hassles as I can cut back on, I will...

And now that Daddy has passed his PT test, Walker is beginning some PT of his own...Potty Training! He seems to be doing pretty well, I think it helps having a big brother around to watch...and besides, I am not stressing over it. He even told me at the Water Park that he had to go potty and we walked all the way over to the bathroom for him to *pee*. I thought for sure it would be a little more than that...

Oh, one more thing, this morning, I asked Walker how he slept, he said ok.
Then he said, "scared."
I said, "you were scared?"
He shakes his head yes,
I said, "What was scaring you?"
He said, "Taco."

puzzling to say the least...
by the way, y'all, today is the last day of the contest, big winner will be announced tomorrow!

28 June 2008

saturday fun

we met some friends at the water park today.
just for a little while, which is nice. the section for the little kids is perfect for Wil. He and Katrina just keep going down the slides over and over and over again. Walker was done after the first slide today...it doesn't help that I am less than graceful when we are getting into the water at the bottom... I need to work on that for his sake. here are a few shots of Wil today.
freedom! gettin' crazy

the first three pics were at the little kids' section. Mr. Trent volunteered to catch Katrina and Wilson at the bottom of the big slides. I was a bit nervous about it to say the least (don't worry, I didn't let Wil know that his made me nervous.) Trent walked up all the stairs with the kids and then made sure the lifeguard sent them down behind him. it worked out pretty well.
Mr. Trent catching Wil at the bottom of the "big slide."

come to find out, Walker HATES the wave pool. hates it. faith and trent left us with their double tube when they went home, so I thought we would try out the wave pool. Wil loved it, Walker, well, I already told you how he felt about it. although-- after we knocked down 4 or 12 kids, Walker did start telling them sorry after I did. (Its really hard to miss a kid in a wave pool while you are on a double tube with a toddler on your lap and pre-schooler hanging on for dear life.)

Brad, this is the "I DO IT" that I was telling you about this morning...

a little snippet of Walker's newest declaration of independence

oh, don't forget about the contest...

overdue birthday videos

here are some videos of Walker opening his gifts (while Wilson helps, and I repeatedly ask Wilson to back off). Mostly for Brad...

this one is kinda long...

26 June 2008

fun in the sun

we set up Walker's new sprinkler around the pool today...Wilson and Mussy liked it, but Walker still wanted nothing to do with anything that sprays water on him... He was, however, content to sit in a pool full of water.
Wilson loves to jump in...I love Walker's face when Wilson jumps in...
watch out for splashing water...
And flying 7o lb. dogs! YIKES!
Splash down!
I really don't know who is more excited about water play, the boys or Muskoka.

And this next picture is really just for Brad... See, I told you my toe was bad...I am looking for sympathy, just a little bit...

Also, don't forget about the contest below...

Pay It Forward...

Oh yes, oh yes, I said contest folks. If you know me even a little bit, you know that I ♥ giveaways. I mean, I really, really like giveaways...winning prizes...etc. I am really no fun to sit with at a baby shower after the prizes if I didn't win one. And Brad used to say I would sulk for a month if I didn't win a prize at Bunko back in my league days in Michigan. So imagine my sheer glee when I win something that I forgot I entered! We are talking WOO-HOO!

So yes, I won a contest from Heidi's soap blog. She is sending me a kit to make soap the 'easy' way because she is doing all the hard work first...you know, measuring lye and all that. And even better news, she will be opening her own etsy story soon and selling these very kits, as well as some of her other yummy soaps. You may remember she sent me a couple bars in April. They were awesome.

As I reveled in my win for a few days, I suddenly remembered this morning that it was a Pay It Forward contest. Which means I get to host a contest on my own blog. I did some back-tracking from Heidi's blog to see what the other contests gave-away... And while I can be creative at times, I am not going to invent a project for myself this week. Instead the prize will be....drum roll...

An Army PT t-shirt. You can pick the size, and they do come in youth sizes as well. So you can share the love and support our troops etc, etc, etc. (I realize that this prize would probably be kind of lame for you, Barbie, but most of my readership does not have a limitless stack of PT shirts in their home.) Ok, here are the rules...

1. Leave a comment in the comment section to enter the contest. (You don't have to tell me your t-shirt size until you are the winner).

2. I will accept entries through next Monday. The drawing will be next Tuesday (July 1).

3. The winner will receive an Army PT shirt.

4. The winner then hosts a contest on their blog. If you do not have a blog, we can host it via mine... And then hope a blog-owner wins that contest, eventually we will be able to pay it forward...although we may have to remind the winner. If they are like me, it might take a few days to remember on their own.
Here is a picture of Wil in his PT shirt awhile back. You get the idea, its grey with ARMY in reflective black...the adult ones have a reflective "A" on the back, I don't remember if the youth ones do...

Enter away folks...

24 June 2008

every once in awhile...

I have to veer from the cute pics of the kids and get a little wordy. Lately, most likely due to the deployment, I have been amazed at the goodness of our Father. (Even today when I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the Post Office because I didn't have a pen on me and apparently neither did anyone else in Lawton, but that is another story) Its the little things, its the big things, its the things that only make sense to me. God knows each of us so perfectly, so well. And over the span of our lives, as we get to know Him better, we recognize His hand is ever-present. He is in the details. And sometimes, often for me, we try and get ahead of Him and predict what's next, but if we are patient He will reveal His plan regardless of our predictions. He is faithful.

Upon our return from the great North, I had mixed emotions, we were so busy that I barely got to analyze them (which is a good thing for me, because I can set sail on analysis). I love our home, I love that this is the place that Brad lives, that he is just 'away' from here. That our boys have memories with Daddy here. That we have a wonderful church family and opportunities to minister. But, wow, did I love spending time with family, loved being able to take a shower and know that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't let anything happen to Walker... And as I mentioned in the post about the *Greats* I feel spoiled...by God. To have such a loving family, both of us...think of all that love that spills over on our boys...

Then comes Father's Day, and the PT test, and I just can't help but feel even more spoiled by the man God has chosen to be mine, forever. I should probably say blessed because spoiled has negative connotations, but I feel more than blessed. And at the same time, God is working at giving me a broader understanding about the fact that others are equally blessed. Maybe not in the same ways as me, because the same things don't necessarily evoke the same responses.

For example, in my opinion Brad did the MOST romantic thing in the world yesterday. He picked out a mower for me and told me to go buy it. I cannot even tell you how thrilled I was (Barbie could, because she got the giddy phone call and then met me at Lowe's and then Home Depot...)! Even as you read this some of you might be thinking, a lawn mower...romantic? And you know what, that is ok, because God chose Brad to be my husband, and Brad knows me well. And by choosing a man for me that knows me well, I recognize God's hand in that lawn mower.

You see, not only has God created us each uniquely, He blesses us each uniquely. It amazes me. It humbles me. It encourages me. It challenges me. It gives me hope to carry on... I pray it does you, as well.

22 June 2008

can you believe...

it has already been two years?

I was thinking back on the day our little guy was born. How my 3 pm appointment turned into being induced, how we didn't know what to do with Wilson. How crazy stressed out I was (sorry Brad, you handled it well!) I was certain he would be born on the 23rd. I was wrong, God's timing was perfect, as always and our little Walker was born by 9pm.

We had a good time celebrating Walker's birthday today. It was rather low-key, but that's more our speed anyway. We had a fellowship after church and everyone sang "Happy Birthday", he totally cheesed it up too. After naps we celebrated and followed up with playing in the new sand. (Which is now in the bathtub.) Overall, it was a wonderful day and I am thankful that we were able to celebrate another year with our little guy and look forward to many more to come. God is good, all the time.

21 June 2008

apparently its chilly in the garage

this is how I found Walker on our way out to the garden Friday morning...I had to run back and get the camera... I had stashed the hat and mitten in the shopping cart while I was sorting through some stuff in the laundry room (I thought I might want to use them for decorations for Christmas and I haven't gotten any Christmas bins out this week, although I probably will next week, but that's another post...)
he obviously thought he was pretty funny too!

19 June 2008

there is a time for everything...

and a season for every activity under heaven...ecclesiastes 3:1

And I nearly feel as though we have fit it all in this week! We have been on the go since our good-byes to Yaya (I think Walker still thinks she is somewhere in Lawton). Yesterday I finally pulled the camera out and took a few pics of the boys after dinner... Wilson loves Walker's new sprinklerWalker was content to let Wil push him in his swing...
..it was a perfect night, and Walker kept gleefully yelling, even Mussy got into the fun with one of her wild and crazy sprints around the yard (I think she misses the bigger space and shade in Grandma's yard in Michigan).
After swinging Wilson, unsuccessfully, tried to talk Walker into the sprinkler.
On top of seeing friends, going to the doctor, getting Mussy's shots, cleaning up diarrhea (doggie poo to make it worse...gag), unpacking and re-establishing our routine, I have also had a sense of urgency to organize parts of the house since our return. I think its really because the boys were dragging out every single toy when we got back and it was driving me insane. Rather than pack them all up and drop them off for charity, I decided to create a bit of order...we'll see how long it lasts... I used diaper boxes to corral all the games and coloring utensils in the hutch (why use the pretty storage inside something??? and diaper boxes are so sturdy...and Rene, its really a GREEN thing!)
We hit the jackpot at the thrift store and I couldn't pass this shelf up for the garage for $15. Look, honey, your tool box has an elevated spot now (everytime I got a tool out a spider would come scurrying out from under that thing...)
And this little thing was also at the thrift store for $5! And the canvas bins Mom brought with her a year ago fit perfectly inside. Wilson thought he could use it for a train table, but the set on top is really the only one that fits up there. I think all the GeoTrax he has now will fit...as long as Wil changes his mind about storing the big blue ball in the big bin.
And last but not least, a little reorganization in the storm shelter (yes, Brad, I moved the propane canister to the garage)...the little library and...drumroll please...
Wilson's PC (complete with some of Lindsay's files!) Of course, we found the table and chair at the thrift store as well...for $3.50! I set it up to make sure it was sturdy, and it was surprisingly so. I have the computer all connected and Wilson is able to play his games now, uninterrupted. (There is a warning message that comes on when it starts, but I am sure that can be fixed by a computer guru in no time flat...) And yes, his monitor is much better than ours...

Also, if you get a chance, read Brad's post about his PT test...I love that man! And I thank God for blessing me with him.

18 June 2008


I just talked to Brad ever so briefly...long enough for him to tell me that he passed his PT test and it feels good. Woo-hoo! Thanks for your continued prayers!

another pt test

Brad has another pt test Thursday mornining (3:30am HOA time). If you think of it, please pray for him this evening. He was 20 seconds short on his run last month. Pray for clean air, full lungs, and a confident mind. I don't doubt God's timing regardless of the outcome tonight. God is good, all the time.

16 June 2008

one of the best parts about Michigan...

...is the time spent with the *greats*. I feel so spoiled to have all of our grandparents still living, and more so that our boys were able to visit with each set. Here are a few pics...I have to save the best for their June Photo of the Month, but you get the idea.
Great Grandpa Rose & Walker Great Grandpa & Grandma K at the John Ball Park Zoo
Great Grandpa Lewis and Walker
Walking in from the mailbox with Grandpa G

What a treasure!!!

14 June 2008

happy father's day

we are home, and it feels good. I will post trip highlights, etc in a day or two. I just wanted to post a father's day greeting for you, Bradley. If I could, I would ship the boys to you for a couple hugs and snuggles, and maybe even some wrestling... I almost got them ready to go tonight... I hope you know that even from far away, you are a wonderful father to our boys. You are a leader and a servant. You are respectful and respected. You are wise, yet you continue to seek knowledge. You trust, but verify. You are daring and cautious. You seek God, and follow Him...regardless of the difficulty of the path. We are proud of you, everyday, but I hope you know it this Father's Day as well. I am so glad that I get to partner with you in this adventure of parenting!