24 June 2008

every once in awhile...

I have to veer from the cute pics of the kids and get a little wordy. Lately, most likely due to the deployment, I have been amazed at the goodness of our Father. (Even today when I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the Post Office because I didn't have a pen on me and apparently neither did anyone else in Lawton, but that is another story) Its the little things, its the big things, its the things that only make sense to me. God knows each of us so perfectly, so well. And over the span of our lives, as we get to know Him better, we recognize His hand is ever-present. He is in the details. And sometimes, often for me, we try and get ahead of Him and predict what's next, but if we are patient He will reveal His plan regardless of our predictions. He is faithful.

Upon our return from the great North, I had mixed emotions, we were so busy that I barely got to analyze them (which is a good thing for me, because I can set sail on analysis). I love our home, I love that this is the place that Brad lives, that he is just 'away' from here. That our boys have memories with Daddy here. That we have a wonderful church family and opportunities to minister. But, wow, did I love spending time with family, loved being able to take a shower and know that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't let anything happen to Walker... And as I mentioned in the post about the *Greats* I feel spoiled...by God. To have such a loving family, both of us...think of all that love that spills over on our boys...

Then comes Father's Day, and the PT test, and I just can't help but feel even more spoiled by the man God has chosen to be mine, forever. I should probably say blessed because spoiled has negative connotations, but I feel more than blessed. And at the same time, God is working at giving me a broader understanding about the fact that others are equally blessed. Maybe not in the same ways as me, because the same things don't necessarily evoke the same responses.

For example, in my opinion Brad did the MOST romantic thing in the world yesterday. He picked out a mower for me and told me to go buy it. I cannot even tell you how thrilled I was (Barbie could, because she got the giddy phone call and then met me at Lowe's and then Home Depot...)! Even as you read this some of you might be thinking, a lawn mower...romantic? And you know what, that is ok, because God chose Brad to be my husband, and Brad knows me well. And by choosing a man for me that knows me well, I recognize God's hand in that lawn mower.

You see, not only has God created us each uniquely, He blesses us each uniquely. It amazes me. It humbles me. It encourages me. It challenges me. It gives me hope to carry on... I pray it does you, as well.


  1. The Clements Crew24 June, 2008 20:04

    Let me just say that I NEVER thought buying a lawnmower could be such an adventure.... well, when the Lutz family is involved... no telling what's going to happen.
    Brad, if you could have seen your wife's face when she turned the key and started the mower with the "electric starter"....you would have thought you handed her a three carat diamond... and her amazement when she used the self propeller.....she was a mowing machine!!!!! You made it so easy for Amanda to walk into the store, hand over a piece of paper, and buy a lawn mower. Well, it was easy as that once we got to the right store....(Home Depot not Lowe's)
    Brad, you continue to provide for and take care of your family.
    I am blessed to be able to share in these memories with Amanda. I see God working in her and through her.

  2. so proud of you.....wow..a mower...you are BRAVE. i tried to mow 2 weeks ago and it looked not so hot. how is the garden?

    praying for you all....so much. praise God for the pt test outcome!!!

  3. It is amazing how God works, I know you could never understand why I thought the "geek books" that George got me were so great....someone just right for me...I'm really glad that you got a self propelled mower too...that Brad is a GENIOUS!
    Love you hon!