14 June 2008

happy father's day

we are home, and it feels good. I will post trip highlights, etc in a day or two. I just wanted to post a father's day greeting for you, Bradley. If I could, I would ship the boys to you for a couple hugs and snuggles, and maybe even some wrestling... I almost got them ready to go tonight... I hope you know that even from far away, you are a wonderful father to our boys. You are a leader and a servant. You are respectful and respected. You are wise, yet you continue to seek knowledge. You trust, but verify. You are daring and cautious. You seek God, and follow Him...regardless of the difficulty of the path. We are proud of you, everyday, but I hope you know it this Father's Day as well. I am so glad that I get to partner with you in this adventure of parenting!


  1. Happy Father's Day Brad! Amanda, glad to hear you guys are home! Whew! I hope we get to see you this week!!!

  2. Even though we miss you guys and wish you could have stayed longer, I know how good it must feel to be home. We love you lots. Dad and Sandy