16 June 2008

one of the best parts about Michigan...

...is the time spent with the *greats*. I feel so spoiled to have all of our grandparents still living, and more so that our boys were able to visit with each set. Here are a few pics...I have to save the best for their June Photo of the Month, but you get the idea.
Great Grandpa Rose & Walker Great Grandpa & Grandma K at the John Ball Park Zoo
Great Grandpa Lewis and Walker
Walking in from the mailbox with Grandpa G

What a treasure!!!

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  1. Clements Crew18 June, 2008 19:49

    What a treasure....it is difficult being a military family and not "growing up" with family... that makes "going home" even more special. One of Logan's favorite times are when family members share stories about her daddy when he was young. I think she could listen to them all day. I love all of the pics... looks like you really get a workout going for the mail out there. We are glad that you enjoyed your time in Michigan, but we are incredibly happy that you are home again!!!!