30 June 2008


so many of our days could be "good" or "bad" depending solely on our attitude or perspective. I was reminded yesterday that being here is the right place for our family. Many wives move "home" during a deployment, and I don't fault them for it, but I know for us...this is the right place at this time. Here are two examples that might give you a little perspective as well
  • while I was in Michigan, someone asked me how long ago Brad left. I said, "March." The reply was, "Wow, he has been gone a LONG time."
  • yesterday, a couple at church that had moved last summer and is now back asked when Brad left, again, I said, "March." The reply, "Oh, he hasn't been gone very long yet."

do you see the difference? I am thankful that God has led us to stay here.

In other news, I chopped my hair off...not too drastic...a little less hassle for me, and well, as many hassles as I can cut back on, I will...

And now that Daddy has passed his PT test, Walker is beginning some PT of his own...Potty Training! He seems to be doing pretty well, I think it helps having a big brother around to watch...and besides, I am not stressing over it. He even told me at the Water Park that he had to go potty and we walked all the way over to the bathroom for him to *pee*. I thought for sure it would be a little more than that...

Oh, one more thing, this morning, I asked Walker how he slept, he said ok.
Then he said, "scared."
I said, "you were scared?"
He shakes his head yes,
I said, "What was scaring you?"
He said, "Taco."

puzzling to say the least...
by the way, y'all, today is the last day of the contest, big winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. you look SO pretty, girlie! love the hair....wish i could see you and meet your kiddos! just talked to a friend in alaska..husband going on a 2 yr tour in iraq...so hard. praying for you all the time.
    much love,

  2. I love your hair short. It changes your whole face, such a pretty face. Boy, once Walker is potty trained, you can sit back and relax, kidding. But it does make it easier. Love Sandy

  3. I "ditto" what Sandy says about your hair and your pretty features! Way to go with the potty training. WOW! no more diapers soon, won't that be awesome and such a huge savings too!

  4. You look great!! (I LOVE your swimsuit, too - SO PRETTY!)

    I'm glad you are at peace about staying in OK - and that you have a great support there, as well as here at "home" in MI. We miss you though!

    Hopefully Walker catches on well to the PT! I'm still waiting for Puckey to really "want" to do it. So far, she's not too interested (even when I offered her Elmo panties). Oh well. Our kids won't go to kindergarten in diapers. (RIGHT??)

  5. It's true, oh so true, that when there are people who are going through the same things, or have been through, or are soon to go through the same things, they get it! All the rest of us can empathize, but we aren't equipped the way those others are. I am very thankful you are where the Lord wants you. However, I still miss you and the kids ALOT!

  6. Oh, and your hair is beautiful and your suit is great and you are a goodlooking woman....sometimes that goes without saying, but because I am human...I like to puff up and act like a proud mom every once in awhile!