28 June 2008

saturday fun

we met some friends at the water park today.
just for a little while, which is nice. the section for the little kids is perfect for Wil. He and Katrina just keep going down the slides over and over and over again. Walker was done after the first slide today...it doesn't help that I am less than graceful when we are getting into the water at the bottom... I need to work on that for his sake. here are a few shots of Wil today.
freedom! gettin' crazy

the first three pics were at the little kids' section. Mr. Trent volunteered to catch Katrina and Wilson at the bottom of the big slides. I was a bit nervous about it to say the least (don't worry, I didn't let Wil know that his made me nervous.) Trent walked up all the stairs with the kids and then made sure the lifeguard sent them down behind him. it worked out pretty well.
Mr. Trent catching Wil at the bottom of the "big slide."

come to find out, Walker HATES the wave pool. hates it. faith and trent left us with their double tube when they went home, so I thought we would try out the wave pool. Wil loved it, Walker, well, I already told you how he felt about it. although-- after we knocked down 4 or 12 kids, Walker did start telling them sorry after I did. (Its really hard to miss a kid in a wave pool while you are on a double tube with a toddler on your lap and pre-schooler hanging on for dear life.)

Brad, this is the "I DO IT" that I was telling you about this morning...

a little snippet of Walker's newest declaration of independence

oh, don't forget about the contest...


  1. Waves pools can be a little scary when you're little (don't ask me how I know that...)

    Aww, that little video of Walker was so cute, and I got a little teary-eyed when he said, "Bye Daddy" and blew a kiss. I bet Brad can't wait til he gets to come home to you all.

  2. Oh, and NO, coolingstar9 (or whatever his name is) isn't anyone I know...I'm guessing he found my blog by blogsurfing. Just a guess...

  3. Wilson, it looks like you had a blast! Love Meme