19 June 2008

there is a time for everything...

and a season for every activity under heaven...ecclesiastes 3:1

And I nearly feel as though we have fit it all in this week! We have been on the go since our good-byes to Yaya (I think Walker still thinks she is somewhere in Lawton). Yesterday I finally pulled the camera out and took a few pics of the boys after dinner... Wilson loves Walker's new sprinklerWalker was content to let Wil push him in his swing...
..it was a perfect night, and Walker kept gleefully yelling, even Mussy got into the fun with one of her wild and crazy sprints around the yard (I think she misses the bigger space and shade in Grandma's yard in Michigan).
After swinging Wilson, unsuccessfully, tried to talk Walker into the sprinkler.
On top of seeing friends, going to the doctor, getting Mussy's shots, cleaning up diarrhea (doggie poo to make it worse...gag), unpacking and re-establishing our routine, I have also had a sense of urgency to organize parts of the house since our return. I think its really because the boys were dragging out every single toy when we got back and it was driving me insane. Rather than pack them all up and drop them off for charity, I decided to create a bit of order...we'll see how long it lasts... I used diaper boxes to corral all the games and coloring utensils in the hutch (why use the pretty storage inside something??? and diaper boxes are so sturdy...and Rene, its really a GREEN thing!)
We hit the jackpot at the thrift store and I couldn't pass this shelf up for the garage for $15. Look, honey, your tool box has an elevated spot now (everytime I got a tool out a spider would come scurrying out from under that thing...)
And this little thing was also at the thrift store for $5! And the canvas bins Mom brought with her a year ago fit perfectly inside. Wilson thought he could use it for a train table, but the set on top is really the only one that fits up there. I think all the GeoTrax he has now will fit...as long as Wil changes his mind about storing the big blue ball in the big bin.
And last but not least, a little reorganization in the storm shelter (yes, Brad, I moved the propane canister to the garage)...the little library and...drumroll please...
Wilson's PC (complete with some of Lindsay's files!) Of course, we found the table and chair at the thrift store as well...for $3.50! I set it up to make sure it was sturdy, and it was surprisingly so. I have the computer all connected and Wilson is able to play his games now, uninterrupted. (There is a warning message that comes on when it starts, but I am sure that can be fixed by a computer guru in no time flat...) And yes, his monitor is much better than ours...

Also, if you get a chance, read Brad's post about his PT test...I love that man! And I thank God for blessing me with him.


  1. Wow you have been busy, I love all the organizational shelving units, what great buys. Can you send us one of those thrift stores? What a nice computer for Wilson too, I bet he was so excited when it was all up and running. Thanks for posting all the pics. Glad life is settling back into a bit of a routine too. Seems like kids move through their days much easily with one.

  2. Way to go, bargain shoppin' Mama!! I'm a little jealous of your great deals (and organizational skills).

    I think I said it before, but "Whoo-hoo Brad! Way to go!!"

  3. I love your thrift store finds! You are so thrifty, I love it! Wish I was there more often to thrift store shop with you...or that you were here to thrift store shop with me. I just don't like to go by myself for thst stuff! It was SO good to be with friends this week. You are such a neat woman and such a blessing to me!