30 July 2008

a broken relationship...

so, the weed-eater and I are not on speaking terms, I mean I tried, I really, really tried...sweet talk and everything. Nothing. but. putters. ...again, the mocking-kind-of-putters. Thankfully, as previously mentioned, my yard has been beautifully trimmed, so before mowing today I sprayed Round-up everywhere that was trimmed...therefore the silent treatment from said weed-eater will have no impact on me whatsoever... It is now dead to me. At least for a couple of weeks, depending on rainfall...

Oh, and furthermore, have you heard the news? They are privatizing housing which means someone will be doing ALL the yard work beginning November 1...I know, I know, that pretty much means after this grass-clipping season is over, but nonetheless, I am happy. Of course, the question is now, how often will they mow, and will we have to watch for snakes in the grass if we get a lot of rain and not much mowing??? That is many moons away though, and you know me, ONE DAY AT A TIME.


  1. Sounds like your weed-eater and my lawn mower are involved in some sort of conspiracy. Unfortunately, I can't spray Round Up on the entire lawn...LOL

    Hope you get your weed-eater whipped into shape by the next time you need to use it!

  2. There are days I'd like to black top the whole yard and paint it green. Sandy