15 July 2008

a full day's work

Curry (Barbie's husband) brought over a load of mulch for our our flower beds... This job was long over due, and Barbie finally talked me into letting Curry drop it off, and she and I would spread it all out. But when it got here today, I was just a little too excited and Wilson and Walker and I got to work... But we ran out, so we decided to make some soap with the rebatching kit (hand milling?) that Heidi sent me because I won (!!!!) her contest...
But then Barbie & Logan stopped by and Wilson got to begin the annual week o'presents. (Because let's face it, its more fun to spread the birthday fun out sometimes). We intended to go back to soaping...
But then, Curry dropped off a second load of mulch...
and the clouds looked ominous, so we had to hurry to finish up. I think Wilson moved almost as mulch as I did today, he was a good little worker, even after I cautioned him about the large spiders that could be crawling around in that stuff (I saw one before I cautioned him...no sense for false alarms).
And then we finished up our soaping... Heidi, really this smelled so yummy! And even though there were a fair number of steps in the process, its pretty simple.
Walker, of course, was eating candy most of the afternoon...which is better than other things I am sure he could find to do with his spare time!
I even managed to make Pizza Salad for dinner which was remarkably good, but I was terribly tired by then and did not feel the need to photograph it for y'all...

We had a full day and accomplished a lot, and I am so thankful to our Father for bringing us wonderful friends that bless us so well!


  1. It looks great already Amanda!! I'm so excited, and glad it wasn't overly complicated. I can hardly wait to see the finished product. I'm finding that my handmilled soap lasts longer than my regular cp soaps, so you'll have enough to last you months = )

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  3. Sounds like a fun day, despite the busy-ness! I love doing projects where you have a finished product to show for it in the end!

  4. What a helper Wilson is! If you have any extra soap feel free to send it my way. I would love to try some. Love Meme

  5. The Clements Crew16 July, 2008 14:11

    WOW!!!! Another "Modern Day Proverbs 31 Woman". How many friends can a girl have that are MDP31W???? That makes two... you and Jenn. I guess I better get started on weaving some thing. There are only so many hours in one day yet you get so much accomplished!!! Way to go girl!!

    I am glad that we are able to help out. I did intend on helping spread the mulch, but you couldn't wait. Hey, maybe you'll get yard of the month.. do they still do that???

    Will you post the recipe for Pizza salad????