10 July 2008

daddy sent a package!

they could hardly wait to rip this baby open...look at the surprise on Walker's face...
Dinosaur Books! Our favorites...
going to school for Wilson

...and how to play with our friends, for Walker!
all I have to say about that is...

(Curry & Barbie saved me some $$$$ with their new embroidery machine, woo-hoo!)


  1. Nothing better than an awesome surprise package from Daddy!

    Great shirt, too!

  2. That is great! Your husband does rock! Isn't it the little things that make you love them all the more? Every time I see my hubby bless my children in some way (large or small) it really makes my heart swell with love and adoration all the more. That is awesome!

  3. Outstanding job Brad! Barbie and Currie got a new embroidery machine? I can't wait to see that, guess I just invited myself over!

  4. The Clements Crew10 July, 2008 16:30

    Yaya you are always welcome in our home.

  5. What a sweet post, Amanda. I love being a part of your life even when we don't see each other that often! ♥ ya!

  6. You guys have come up with such great ideas for keeping Brad close by.

    LOVE that shot of you Amanda and the t-shirt too. Know where I could get me one of those?

  7. Amanda, your hair is so cute! It looks great on you! It looks like all is going well and the boys seem to be having a great summer and keeping busy.