16 July 2008

just so you know...

you can find the recipe for pizza salad by clicking here

also, in the future, you know, just so know... if you are interested in something on the blog, and its in a different color and underlined, I probably worked extra hard to turn that word into a link, all you have to do is take your mouse to it and CLICK! And here you thought I just liked changing certain words color and underlining them....

and one more thing, totally unrelated to pizza salad...

There is a song out by Warren Barfield that I love. Its a love song, they play it on the Christian satellite station....but its not one of those double-meaning Christian "love songs". Its really about the love of a man and a woman, and also how we sometimes need help from the One that is all about love... I could go on explaining it, but would probably ruin it. I think the words are beautiful.

When I hear it I am reminded of the love Brad and I share even from afar. Of the shelter his love provides each day. A few times I have been compared to a single-mom during this deployment, and honestly, it offends me a little bit every time I hear that (even though I know it isn't meant to be offensive). I guess because I know my husband loves me...and I know my days would be so much harder if he didn't. I know he loves our boys dearly, and I know my days would be so much harder if he didn't. And while we will be apart a LONG time, I know our Father is holding us together in His hands. Ok, enough of that, I might ruin my song...

I love the part about angels coming to guard the door. Isn't that a beautiful picture? I don't know why, but I love it... if you think its cheesy, you can tell me, I'm a big girl...


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  2. It's a great song Amanda, turn it up in the car and sing along...it will brighten your day and lighten your load!

    Love you kiddo,

  3. Ugh..I miss KLOVE. My car radio won't pick it up anymore for some strange reason!!! I forget that I can pull it up online! Can't wait to see you guys!