07 July 2008

a little silly & a little sweet

ummm, believe it or not, this is what Walker wore to brush his teeth last night (before the power went out)...I did have to help him put the googles on, but he asked... Wilson wanted to prove you could be silly without wearing any special props...
I caught Walker red-handed in Wilson's lemonade stand profits...at least he was putting the money in his pockets and not in his mouth! (love the footwear choice, too!)
here is the caramel corn we made today...yum! the boys may have sampled some before dinner...
***two more things***
  1. I am part genius after all. I fixed the audio problem on the computer...well, techinically, the power outage fixed it for me. When I restarted this thing today...viola...sound on the internet again! Maybe I will shut it down more frequently!
  2. Anyone else out there feel ripped off when you look at Brad's blog and you can't leave a comment??? Just wondered...


  1. I love how Walker always has on two different shoes! That kid is something else. . . .and Wilson he is just stinkin' cute! Yum, carmel corn send some this way, its my very favorite!

  2. I was thinking that same thing just yesterday! How funny. Did Brad set up his blog so you can't comment? I liked his last one a lot! Love the shoes, Walker. Good job on your sound. I figured JC would come by after Lo's bday party to fix it. Love you guys!

  3. I love the fashion sense of these little people! My little one is the same way! How cute!

  4. I brush my teeth wearing my spidey goggles ALL the time!! LOL Great pics!!

    Um, YEAH, I do feel ripped off that we can't comment on Brad's blog, although I (think) I can understand why he set it up that way.

  5. I feel ripped off just looking at both the blogs, wish I had been there with my camera for all the fun and excitement...must have been another good storm today...and I would love to have my camera over with Brad to catch him in action everyday. Oh well, I'll just look and wish for now!

  6. Hahaha! Josh was wearing the SAME shoes a few days ago. Jesse's McQueen slipper and his sisters croc. Its no wonder we can't find matching shoes around here!

    You do such a good job of coming up with fun projects for the boys!