24 July 2008

messy little sweets...

...I honestly do not know what happened with Walker's dinner... I was talking to Wilson and next thing I know one side of Walker's face is covered in chicken broccoli alfredo...at least he didn't seem to mind! you know how I said Wilson was infatuated with the carnival games at the amusement park? Well, I just couldn't bare to let him waste his money on those silly games...instead, I let him waste my money on these silly lollipops (Wilson gets angry when I call them suckers...)
yet another food item Walker eats like corn on the cob...
these things could last awhile...they are all wrapped up for next time.

***Brad goes to the promotion board on Saturday a.m. (This is where they ask all kinds of Army-related questions, and he earns points toward promotion depending on how well he answers...) If you remember, please pray that Brad would be confident in the fact that God has this all worked out already, and that he has led Brad to this place in His time. As always, we will keep y'all posted...
OOPS...one more thing, my husband is officially accepted as a student at Liberty University's Master of Divinity program. Woo-Hoo! We are thrilled that he can begin this degree program while he is deployed. God is good, all the time!


  1. Those lollipops are as big as their heads! hahahaha I love how you did the photos(black and white, with the colored lollipops) Too cool!! You are a techy, Amanda!

  2. I forgot about the lollipops! The boys went to Lawton & mommy's struggling!!! Ugh. We will be praying for Brad. Great news about the university! See you guys next week!

  3. I think Walker made a statement about what happened...."Blame the dog" Poor Skoka!

  4. I would like to add agree with Casey's comment about the pictures and how you did them! You are too good! Those boys are just so cute!

  5. Your Dad's comment after seeing Walker with the chicken on his face, "That's why he can’t stay here until he's 12!" Love Sandy P.S. You know he's kidding, he'd be jumping up and down if he thought you guys were coming into town.